What we do

We have been creating tools for disciples making in a variety of cultures since 2017


Each tribe has its own unique entity and there is no simple strategy that instantly works across the board. Each group needs to be studied and analysed to determine what will be most effective in presenting the Gospel to them.

Today almost every city dweller and desert nomad in the country, from teenage years on up, has at least one, if not two, Mobile Phones.

Our strategy is that we transfer video files with our custom-made film completely created for them and audio Bible in their mother tongue  into their phones. Our short film provides a salvation plan, which at the end, draws them into making a decision to invite Jesus into their hearts

Creating Indigenous Audio resources

Reaching Family

Healing broken homes


Reaching out to unchurched people in their languages in local communities


Translating Gospel materials into different languages.


Nobody has a greater responsibility to reach their people groups than the local believers within those people groups. Many of these people groups have the ability in their pockets with mobile technology to produce videos. We want to equip these indigenous believers and local churches to use what they already have to produce Gospel messages for their own people.

The Arab world is a short-hand way to refer to the countries connected by Arab culture and the Arabic language. It covers the regions of North Africa, Middle East, and Arabian Peninsula.

Correspondence Courses

We offer a range of courses from beginners to advanced

Using the most effective approaches and methods available today



We want to Partner with you! What God assigned a man to do might actually become the basic resources that another person will need to start or finish his own work. Our Vision is to create a tool that like-minded partners from different ministries could use in their works around the world. Contact us here 

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